Packed Meal - $4.30 per pax F&B

Packed Meal - $4.30 per pax

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A great option for your company lunches, corporate or school events. Affordable and delightful pre-packed meal sets available for takeaway and delivery.

Minimum order of 20 packets. Full set of disposable cutleries and serviettes will be provided. 

Set 1 (Rice)

  • Curry Chicken
  • Sambal Longbeans
  • Mushroom Fu Yung

Set 2 (Mix Rice)

  • Braised Chicken w Beancurd and Egg
  • Garlic Seow Bai Chye
  • Vegetables Spring Rolls

Set 3 (Yellow Rice)

  • BBQ Cajun Chicken
  • Broccoli, Carrot and Young Corn
  • Potato Wedges

Set 4 (Rice)

  • Sweet n Sour Fish
  • Stirfry Tauge w Taupok
  • Thai Shrimp Cake

Set 5 (Mixed Rice)

  • Black Pepper Fish
  • Stirfry Long Cabbage w Carrots
  • Mushroom Scrambled Eggs

Set 6

  • Mee Goreng
  • Sliced Cucumber
  • Fried Egg
  • Breaded Fish w Thai Chili

    Set 7

    • Anchovies Fried Rice
    • Stirfry ChyeSim
    • Fried Egg
    • Grilled Chicken 

    Set 8 (Vegetarian)

    • Rice
    • Sweet n Sour Slice Fish
    • Ginger Nai Bai w oyster sauce
    • Vegetable Net Roll

    Set 9 (Vegetarian)

    • Vegetable Bee Hoon
    • Mock Char Siu
    • Vegetable Gyoza
    • Stirfry Long Cabbage

    Terms & Conditions

    • Minimum order of 20 packets.
    • Delivery fee $15 apply per location.
    • No Cancellation of order allowed after confirmation of order
    • All food is best consumed within first 4 hours of catering time.
    • All menus & dishes are subject to availability and changes without prior notice is at the sole discretion of the company.
    • Price quoted excludes 9% GST.
    • Price is subject to change without prior notice.

    Bizlink F&B is a halal-certified catering service that is perfect for your special occasions.