$6 Bento (Set A-E)
$6 Bento (Set A-E)

$6 Bento (Set A-E)

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Bento Set  (Min 10 pax.)

 Lunch made easy with our bento set delivery! Check out our $6 bento set menu, all you need is just 10 guests!

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Menu for Bento Set A – Sweet & Sour Medley

  1. Brown & White Rice
  2. Stir Fry Cabbage & Carrot
  3. Chinese Style Sweet & Sour Fish
  4. Seaweed Corn Roll


Menu for Bento Set B – Butter Herb Harmony

  1. Garlic Butter Rice
  2. Grilled Cajun Chicken
  3. Sauteed Herbs Cauliflower
  4. Vegetables Net Roll


Menu for Bento Set C – Thai Noodle Temptation

  1. Fried Noodles With Sliced Fish Cake
  2. Stir Fried Garlic Chye Sim
  3. Spicy Chicken Drumlet
  4. Thai Fish Finger 
Menu for Bento Set D – Japanese Umami Delight
  1. Japanese Short Grain Rice With Nori Seaweed
  2. Hong Kong Kailan Oyster Sauces
  3. Japanese Teriyaki Chicken
  4. Pressed Tofu with Minced Chicken In Egg Gravy
Menu for Bento Set E (Vegetarian) Zen Garden Medley 
  1. Japanese Rice
  2. Hong Kong Kailan With Vegetarian Oyster Sauce
  3. Mock Mutton Curry
  4. Fried Tofu With Spicy Bean Sauce

  Vegetarian Option

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum Order of 10 Persons.
  • Transport Charge at $20.00.
  • No Cancellation of order allowed after confirmation of order
  • All food is best consumed within first 4 hours of catering time.
  • All menus & dishes are subject to availability and changes without prior notice is at the sole discretion of the company.
  • Price quoted excludes 9% GST
  • Price is subject to change without prior notice.
  • Picture is for illustration purposes only

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