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Title: Circles

Life's brevity derives comfort from the enlightenment's ideal of eternality and permanence. The lotus symbolizes both transience and enlightenment and is thus made meaningful for life. Life also has an inherent circular logic, as witnessed in the cycle of birth and death. With both color and form, this painting represents these concepts. In soft hues, water evaporates into the sky, and the sky reflects light into the water. In fluid form, lotuses are in their various stages of unraveling, from inhibition to full-fledged expression. Inherent in every beginning is a reflection of the end.

Price: $350 (price quoted excludes GST and Delivery charges)
Medium: Water colour
Size: 30h x 21w cm
Frame: Not Included 

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Neng Ping was an active sportsman until a diving mishap in 1986 caused him a fracture in the cervical cord. Since then, he has been a wheelchair user. A scholarship holder schooled in both painting and programming, Neng Ping draw inspiration from his memories of kampong 1970s childhood in Singapore and his impressions of visited scenes which especially pertains to places and gardens. The simple beauty of flora around him, which his oeuvre features in abundance, captivates him particularly.

The multiple ailments that struck Neng Ping does not undermine his contributions to Singapore, in which he represented in oil and watercolour paintings, in the international arena of Abilymics. Yet despite his achievements, his struggles with earning CPF to save enough for old age remain omnipresent. His current motivation to work in Bizlink is an offshoot of this desire to elevate his economic standing; be it for sufficiency, independence and freedom. Or as often quoted from Neng Ping, “Freedom of expression”:  the cry, catalyst and cornerstone rooted to his art.