Introduction to our Movement

THESE ABLED PEOPLE” is Bizlink’s brand of cards and gifts.  Most of our cards and gifts are designed and crafted by talented disadvantaged people and people with disabilities (PWDs) working in Bizlink. The current “These Abled People” logo has been updated to reflect Bizlink’s latest move to help not only disabled but also more of the disadvantaged through employment.   The new look brand logo called Bizlink Gifts
Bizlink Centre is a non-profit organisation supported by the Community Chest and is a member of NCSS. It was set up to assist the disabled with employment. Beneficiaries in Bizlink's sheltered workshop are taught craft skills so that they can make good quality handicrafts and earn a decent living. The proceeds from the sales of these items go to pay the salaries of these deserving beneficiaries. Through this channel, Bizlink hopes to assist the pan-disadvantaged group (which includes the elderly, mental health patients, ex-offenders, single mothers and the disabled) achieve independence, give them dignity and help them integrate into the mainstream society.

Bizlink Gifts are available online at, online stores and  in retail stores through Toy Outpost as well as at ad hoc charity bazaars.
Please support our cause to help rebuild a life.