Bizlink Mooncake

Soon the Mid-Autumn festival would be here. We're delighted to share our Mooncake promotion for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 to help you plan better and well in advance for the upcoming festive season.

This year we have 3 flavors and  2 gift packing sizes - 

1)- Standard mooncake which come in 4 pcs, in a giftbox with a matching giftbag

2)- Mini mooncakes 6 pcs, in a giftbox with a matching giftbag.

 Both the packing sizes come’s with healthier choice Sugar Free and Less Sugar option. Can mix and match different flavors and opt for assorted flavors.

 Mooncakes will be available for collection from mid-August onwards. These guilt free handmade sweet treats can be enjoyed with friends & family, loving made by our beneficiaries.