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  • trio delight

    trio delight

    A special treat of gourmet Crabtree & Evelyn biscuits (Flavour: Orange, Lemon, Almond & Vanilla) for a very special person. Length of bouquet: 8 inches
  • Blissful Gift

    Blissful Gift

    Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Bliss 50ml is packaged with a soft touch of pink carnations.. Length of bouquet: 8 inches
  • Pampering Gifts

    Pampering Gifts

    Lemongrass House: 1x Lavender Shampoo 260ml; 1x Lavender Shower Gel 260ml; 1x Lavender Hand Cream 60ml; 1x Floral Vase of everlasting flowers. Length of vase with flowers: 8"
  • Fruit Basket with Brands Essence of Chicken

    Fruit Basket with Brands Essence of Chicken

    Brand's Essence of Chicken, Instant Quaker Oats, jacob's Hi Iron Cracker, 1 orange, 1 pear, 1 bunch bananas, grapes
  • Healthy Food Basket

    Healthy Food Basket

    Brand's Essence of Chicken x 2 bt, Instant Quaker Oats 400g, Jacob's Wheatmeal 260g, Ligo California Raisins 250g, Snapple Juice 473ml, Delmonte Prune Juice 32 oz, Milo 400g, McVitties 400g, Kellogg's Corn Flakes 275g
  • Classic Yuletide

    Classic Yuletide

    Ferrero Roche chocolate (16s),Danish Dream Butter cookies (454g),Ice cool fruit cocktail (850g),Tower non-alcoholic grape juice,Delfi Macadamia covered white milk chocolate (180g),Lay's patato chips,Dolphine Chocolate Wafer sticks (500g),Kellog's corn flakes (275g)
  • Gourmet Celebrations

    Gourmet Celebrations

    Lay's patato chips,Berri dark grape juice (1L),Tong garden smoke cashew nuts (170g),San remo vermicelli (500g),Lotte Choco Pie (180g),Bahlsen Hit chocolate biscuit (250g),Mackays 3 berry jam (340g),Leggo's hidden veg bolognese sauce 575g,Nescafe classic (100g),White castle choco cips cookies (120g)
  • Gingerbread Men Xmas Basket

    Gingerbread Men Xmas Basket

    Christmas cookies x 4(Ginger bread),Fresh White Roses x 5 with decorations flowers
  • White Rosy Christmas Hamper

    White Rosy Christmas Hamper

    Forerero roche (16 pcs),8 x White Roses, ribbons and decorations flowers
  • Gingebread Party Pack

    Gingebread Party Pack

    Christmas cookies x 4(Ginger bread) with decorations flowers and pine cone.
  • Chocolatey Xmas Gift

    Chocolatey Xmas Gift

    Forerero roche (12 pcs),Chocoate gold coins and decorative flowers.
  • Celebration Wine

    Celebration Wine

    The Cellar Door White Wine and Red Wine are packaged with a pretty 6-Geberas bouquet.
    Length of bouquet: approx. 15 inches
  • Bird's Nest Delight

    Bird's Nest Delight

    A nourishing gift set for the hardworking mother. (Chwee Song Bird's Nest 6's with 8 Fresh Geberas)
  • Fruity Essence

    Fruity Essence

    Brand's Essence of Chicken 6's and a basket of fresh fruits with fresh roses & poms poms.
  • Festive Celebration Hamper

    Festive Celebration Hamper

    It signifies the end of the fasting season of Ramadan for a month. This is the most significant celebration for the Muslims. This festive occasion is greeted with great joy.

Items 1 to 15 of 71 total

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